Socket Station is priced per instance of the software. Usually, just one per data center. That's it.


Your purchase includes a perpetual license to use Socket Station, and all supplied plug-ins.

No Limits

There is no limit on the number of channels you may configure, the amount of data you can process, or the usage of plug-ins.

Socket Station comes with all commonly used connector plug-ins. You can access the source code of these plug-ins. With it, you may derive your own custom plug-ins. (You can even sell any plug-ins you create.) Plug-in API documentation is included.


Your initial purchase includes the software license and one year of support (online or phone) and maintenance (updates and bug fixes). Subsequent years of support and maintenance ensure your business gets the most our of your Socket Station deployment.

Price Lock

The price for annual support and maintenance will remain locked for as long as you stay a current customer. (A lapse will revert to the more current pricing.)

Professional Services

Custom configuration and plug-in development services are always available.


Download the trial software.

Socket Station

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