Socket Station

Socket Station is the leading data router solution, proven in 24x7x365 environments since 2001.


Your data is considered a source for Socket Station.  Each source is collected by a channel after its connector plug-in establishes a connection.  Then each channel can transmit your data to one or more listeners.  A talker is a special type of listener may talk back to your source.

Connector Plug-Ins

Socket Station supplies a connector plug-in for each type of data source.  The open API ensures that even proprietary data sources can be supported.


Some data sources may require some interaction.  For example, getting report data from a remote server may require responding to an id/password prompt, then executing a command. 

Socket Station's built-in Dialogger can reliably automate such interactions.


Socket Station's multi-threaded design takes advantage of the latest multi-core computing technology.

Replicators and Buffers

Threading also helps Socket Station replicate data into separate buffers, to ensure real-time delivery to all listeners.

Split Second Acrobatics

In the nanosecond that Socket Station has your raw data, it can do very interesting things. For example, translate a binary protocol into a more convenient text/XML format; or enrich the raw data with additional relavent information looked up elsewhere; or filter unimportant data before it even gets to your applications. Anything you can imagine.



Learn about the Connector plug-in technology.


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Socket Station

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