Umbrella Reliability

In a customer satisfaction survey, an operations manager described Augur as, “Rock solid.”  We know Augur will be a mission-critical part of your company, so we design it that way.

"Planned” Downtime... What's that?

Augur is designed to run non-stop, dynamically reacting to configuration changes.


If you discover a serious configuration mistake, the configuration can be rolled back to any point in time.  Every saved change is reversible, only limited by the space you allot for archives.

No Maintenance

Augur was designed to be maintenance-free.  Logs, archives, and buffers are all self-cleaning, according to limits you can adjust.


Learn how Augur's design pays dividends during configuration too.

Sphere Enterprise Advantages

Cluster deployments provide additional safeguards.

Distributed Changes

Any configuration changes are automatically distributed to all clients and servers in a cluster, without downtime of course.

High Availability

Hardware, software, and network failures happen.  Augur's redundant cluster servers include fault tolerance and recovery.  The two cluster servers work together for high-availability.  If one cluster server becomes unavailable the other takes over. Then they automatically synchronize later. 

Even if both cluster servers become unavailable, any isolated Augur servers keep working, processing events, and generating alerts and pages.  They will automatically reconnect to the cluster when it's available again.

Hot Standby

A quick configuration change can help you recover from a failure affecting one of your Augur servers.  There is no downtime for the rest of your system, and no license key hassles to slow you down.


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