People Partners

Augur Systems is looking for good partners to spread the use of our solutions. We’ve designed partnership programs that reward you for choosing us. Review the highlights below, then contact us to get the ball rolling.

Systems Integrators

Specify our products as solutions for your customers, then keep your customers happy with your own professional services. We will train and support to you, as an agent of your customer. Plus you'll have direct access to our developers so you can get quick answers on a peer level.

We hope Augur and Socket Station will become the favorite tools in your toolbox.

Resellers & Independent Sales Agents

Our great product almost sell themselves, right? In the real world of course, it’s all about relationships and who you know. If you’re a reseller, you already know that! So, if you know clients who could use our products, please introduce us. We’ll make sure your client is glad they accepted your introduction, and you’ll earn a generous commission.

Contact us to start working together.

Paint Can OEM Re-Branding

Let us make the age-old question of “buy vs. build” a no-brainer for you. If your customers would benefit from embedding our products as part of your service offering, then let's talk.

Augur makes a natural event manager to monitor your product. Socket Station can enhance your product’s I/O for your customer's integration convenience.

  • Our products can be easily re-branded.
  • Unneeded features can be scaled back or disabled.
  • Configuration can be locked down to feel like a dedicated part of your solution.


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