Augur is an event monitor, notification system, and manager-of-managers. Designed for large enterprises, it also scales down nicely for smaller needs.


Augur's event streams use the same connector technology as Socket Station™. All plug-ins for common protocols are included, and proprietary connectors can be provided. (The API is open, if you are the do-it-yourself type.)


An event monitor's rule engine needs to de-duplicate, prioritize, and threshold your events into a minimal number of alerts. Augur's rule engine is entirely customizable, and configured via a graphical tree. These are rules that you can actually develop and/or maintain yourself.

For advanced rules and external integrations, plug-ins work right in the GUI to augment Augur.


Learn how the new architecture changes the way you think about scale.


As a manager, Augur reduces alerts from all your event sources. When you forward alerts from your existing management tools, Augur becomes a manager-of-managers (MoM). Augur refines and consolidates the big picture for you.


A notification system delivers alerts to personnel, with timers and escalations, via multiple protocols. Augur leverages its unique rule tree to also provide location and alert groupings, onus-tracking, and integrated configuration.


From the needs of a small business (one Augur) to a large enterprise (dozens of networked Augurs working as one), Augur scales. Its cluster architecture makes it look easy.


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Software for managing data and event streams

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